Not your ordinary Dentist

Arnaud Delahaye could have been a doctor without borders or chosen to specialize in another area of medicine or surgery. He became a Doctor of Dental Surgery somewhat by chance. However, the profession quickly became a passion, and he applied two principles derived from his strict education:
- To earn respect, one must always strive for excellence.
- Life’s only meaning comes from the willingness to listen to, understand, comfort and create strong and deep relationships with others.

After completing his studies, he was invited to join Dr. Altmayer’s dental clinic on Avenue Montaigne, one of the leading dental practices in Paris.

As a young doctor, he therefore found himself treating extremely demanding patients due to their high-level careers or busy schedules (political, artistic, financial and business figures).
By listening to these patients, he realized that they were constantly juggling their responsibilities, travel and meetings and had very little time to take care of themselves. They were therefore unable to reconcile their need to restore normal function and their strong desire to enjoy the confidence that comes with having a great smile with the reality of long-term treatment.

These observations led Dr. Delahaye to look for simpler procedures that could be performed much more quickly, while remaining extremely beneficial for the patient in terms of aesthetic comfort and efficiency.

Behind our protocol lies a commitment…

For most treatments, especially surgical and prosthetic procedures, nature needs a little help in order to fully express the beauty it is capable of creating.

Dr. Arnaud Delahaye’s approach involves finding the natural path to help each patient and steer them towards the best functional and aesthetic outcome.

He has therefore designed special treatment protocols that are simple, fast and tailored to each patient based on their needs, medical history and reactions to treatments, in an ongoing effort to provide excellence in service.

Beyond our protocol lies a commitment: to fully serve the needs of our patients

Dr. Arnaud Delahaye not only optimizes this service technically, but also offers a comprehensive approach through consistently high-quality service throughout the relationship between the patient and the Dentist and every member of his team.

Arnaud Delahaye Marathon

More than just a Dentist

Father of seven, a humanist and an athlete, Dr. Arnaud Delahaye is not your ordinary dentist…

He has run the Paris, Berlin and New York Marathons in support of humanitarian causes.

And when you visit Geneva, if you get up early, you might see him on his daily jog before going to work!